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About Us

Our philosophy at Origin French Thai is that "cooking is not just cooking its an art".

- Manop Sutipayakul; Chef & Owner

Banquettes cleverly covered in dark Thai silk and a large fish tank, The ceiling lights covered in shades of soft red silk cast a comfortable glow over this space that once housed a launderette. Two large oars hang from the ceiling and little vases of fresh flowers dress up the polished wood tables. One wall is exposed brick, the opposite wall is mirrored, and a bamboo divider occupies the far end of the room. Tables have been crammed into every available space to create a party atmosphere when full. The smell from the open front kitchen is enough to make anyone's mouth water. All this combines to give an exotic look to this intriguing restaurant called Origin where the staff take personal delight in seeing you enjoy every bit of your meal and makes it their business to ensure your total dining satisfaction.

At Origin, Authenticity meets real life. It is where Manop Sutipayakul, chef and owner along with his family delight you with the best Thai food around. Manop takes his third generation knowledge of food and the restaurant business, his interest in French techniques and his notion of global cuisine and applies it to everything from soup to tea. The philosophy is that "cooking is not just cooking its an art". Manop absorbed culinary lessons while working at his parents restaurant in Thailand, then continued his education at Siam Cuisine in New York before opening the doors to Origin in December 2000. Origin Thai is a 55 seat restaurant occupying a storefront that blends into the mostly deserted evening streetscape except for the steady stream of diners entering the restaurant.